+Pulse enables personalization

See your customers microsegmented into actionable profiles. Get the insights to secure their loyalty.

Personalized experiences are the new standard. Get personal by knowing your customers on a deeper level. Relate to them, and respond to their needs as if they're a segment-of-one. The banks that do will own the customer relationship.

Can you anticipate your 

customers' needs?

Know your customers

Leverage the deepest source of customer data —receipts— to microsegment your customers.

Pinpoint opportunities

Proactively respond to needs with the right products, using the right messages, at the right times.

Uncover unmet needs, and what's cutting into your share of wallet. Better assess customers' potential value.

Grow your relationships

Understand values & lifestyles. Use these insights to personalize your customer interactions.

Every receipt tells a story. We translate raw receipt data into consumable information. Power your one-to-one activities with insights in just 6 receipts.

Find entrepreneurs in your personal banking accounts. Migrate them to business banking.

Payment Preferences

Take the pulse of your customers' financial needs

Compare on and off-card behavior. Learn how to shift spend away from cash & competitors' cards.

Anticipate needs. Proactively position your bank to be there before they start to shop around.


New Businesses

Life Stage Events

Respond to needs using insights from +Pulse

"a game-changing new application"

- Brian Porter, CEO Scotiabank

Trusted by 8 of the top 20 Financial 

Institutions in North America

81% of customers feel their banks lack a proper understanding of their needs & goals. To better understand customers, 89% of major banks are looking to harness purchase data. Is your bank one of them?

Your customers expect personalized experiences

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